The Essence of it all

Establishing a personal relationship with your home, and all of the belongings there in, will not only give you a deeper understanding of yourself and your family members, but also the insight necessary to edit and reduce the things that no longer serve you and lift your spirits. 

Life is too short to live among things or people that bring your energy down. 

On the other hand, some things cannot be avoided, ie. negative relations, or broken down furniture.

So what can you do if these are currently in your life or your home? 

For the people, you can practice Ho’oponopono as an internal mantra ( see my article here) to help heal these relationships. 

For the furniture, repair it if you can.  

Try not to focus on what you don’t want or can’t change.  Instead, make a vision board of what you do want.  Put it in a place where you can see it every day. 

Create an affirmation or mantra to replace any negative tapes that are stuck on “replay” in your mind. 

These techniques will help to upgrade your life in amazing ways. 

When faced with challenges you will come away stronger as you build your inner climate with these  techniques. 

Clearing physical clutter, mind clutter and emotional clutter will bring more peace into your life. 

You will begin to notice that all of life is affirming and that you are meant to be in the flow of the Universal God-Source Energy.

What an incredible feeling it is!

Everything you need in your life will come more easily.

I guarantee it!

Your thoughts will be filled with gratitude and you will understand what it means to be one-with-All-That-Is. 

You will progress.  

Stay the path. I spent a day with a healer who goes by the name of “Auntie”. She is 81 years old, with wild white hair and a huge grin. She explained the meaning of Ha to me.
” Ha is an energy source in all life forms. It is Universal, all embracing, of use to all, constructive, helpful, positive. It has been said that the creation of the Universe came directly through the Ha. We recognize such words as Aloha, Mahalo, Ohana, Hawaii as all levels of healing represented in this phenomena”.
Auntie asked not to have her picture taken, and I respect that . Auntie was raised by her Grandmother on the islands from the age of one. Her Grandmother was a healer to many well known people. She started training Auntie from the age of 4 to be a healer, as she recognized from a young age that she, too, had the gift of healing. Auntie uses the “Ha” sound to conduct her healing ceremonies. Auntie loves to say that ” Life is full of Surprises!”



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