Walking My Talk Part III

I had wanted to do this for a long time.  But I just didn’t have the nerve ….


So on March 3rd, when my daughter  came home all excited because a male colleague of hers  had come in to see her, and told her how he had been having a series of hydro-therapy colonics, and how his stomach went from a bloated beer-belly to completely flat, we knew that we needed to go.

March 3rd,2016 was the day that she and I had committed to doing the “Purium Cleanse”for 10 days to start our weight loss journey.  She wanted to lose 10 lbs. and I…well, I …wanted to lose about 60!

So, she made an appointment and we went together (which I found out later that it’s pretty common for friends, relatives, even whole families to go together).

She went first, and I stayed in the room,which was decorated “early Hippie Bohemian”, with a Navaho rug  in earth-tones hanging on the wall, watercolor paintings of a beach scene, and one of a lush garden scene, as well as medical posters of colons, showing what a healthy colon should look like.  It was clinical but casual, and the therapist put us at ease right away with a friendly, comical banter. He invited me to sit in a massage chair that had no more skin covering the back beaters, but a blanket thrown over the back. The three of us carried on with a lively conversation as he went about his work.  He informed us that he had been doing this for 30 years ( which later, it was 35, and then 39).  I am not sure if it was modesty or not wanting to disclose his age, as he looked much younger than his 68 years .

My turn…the colon therapist took one look at me and said that I needed 20 colonics!

At that point, I am sure that most people would have turned on their heels and bolted for the door!

He also told me that he wanted me to really think if this was something I wanted because he thought that I was going to have some kind of “blowout!” LMAO!

I assured him that I wanted to do this, that we had just started a cleanse to lose weight, and that we wanted to relieve our bodies of toxic build-up.

Before starting the Purium cleanse, I had already stopped dairy, gluten, sugar, and caffeine , so I didn’t have too much trouble with detox symptoms,  just some tiredness.

My daughter experienced a couple of down days and we both rested and napped a lot during the 10 days- each of us lost 5lbs.

She went with me for the second colonic and the hydro therapist told her that she was done.

My situation, however, was a different story.

I was determined to see this through and decided that if I needed 20 colonics, then so-be-it!  I was game, and I trusted what he was telling me.

I remembered a woman who used to come into  the store where I worked to shop, while her husband was at a nearby clinic having his monthly colonic.  He had had heart trouble, and swore that the colonics had saved his life.

Next Tuesday will be my 10th colonic and here is what I’ve experienced so far…

It has helped my weight loss efforts—I’m down 20 lbs.

It has re sculpted my waist-line…I’m getting my figure back.

I have more energy, feel more like excercising, and it has increased my libido.

My eyes sparkle .

My jaw-line is tightening, and my skin looks more toned and vibrant.

After the second one, I released deep seated grief ( this is common to block grief from trauma in the colon).

Water is Spirit and brings Light into the colon.

I felt my aura (energy field) expanding.

I feel lighter, like when I was a child.

Im eating less and don’t have cravings.

My skin recently started itching and breaking out, which tells me more toxins are coming to the surface.

I take salt baths to help my skin detox along with dry brushing the skin.

I have found these books helpful in my understanding of colon Hydro-Therapy:

Outwitting The Devil by Napolean Hill (a must read!).

Colon Health and Become Younger by Norman Walker

Edgar Cayce’s Guide to Colon Care by Sandra Duggan RN

Did I mention that I look and feel younger?

My skinny jeans are now my baggy jeans!

When the Universe plopped me down in Hawaii, I had no idea what to expect!

If you’ve read my previous posts, I packed my workout clothes, which consisted of one pair of yoga pants,two new shirts, (one that says “never give up” and one that says”run now wine later”) and a pair of tennis shoes for walking.

So, that must have been my half -hearted “intention” .

Never give up! Has become my mantra.

With the barrage of massages,(read previous post) I was needing a way to eliminate the toxins that were finding their way to the colon.

80 to 90 percent of disease starts in the colon.

After age 50, the weight seems to just pile on. I used to say that I could just look at food and I would gain weight.

I asked my colon therapist if when he sees someone who is overweight, does he think they’re just full of old, unprocessed poop?  He said “Yes.!”

But he also said that some of the most put-together people have blockages.  So, it’s not just for overweight people.  It’s for everyone and is the most important thing we can do for ourselves to maintain vibrant health, a sound mind, and well-being.

So, my friends, I will add Colon Hydro-Therapy to my list of Cottage Necessities!

Disclosure:  this article is not meant to give medical advice.  Please consult with your physician before going on a weight loss journey..

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