Superfoods, The Ascension Diet, and you.

When you bring superfoods into your body, your energy changes, and as a result your focus of attention will shift as well…it becomes easier to live in a state of appreciation, ( or gratitude). David Wolfe

I had a dream the other night, half in and out of sleep.

I’ve heard about getting “down loads” from the Universe.

As I was seeing clips of superfoods scroll across my mind, I realized the next morning, that I was getting what I thought must have been a download.

With only a general knowledge of “superfoods”, I started to notice more of them.

I was being urged or guided to eat more of them

…and to find ways to incorporate them into my diet.


chia, chlorella, hemp seed, goji berry, flax see, sunflower seeds



I had already discovered the benefits of eating a more raw diet of living, whole foods, such as organic fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

I had also been weaning myself away from breads, flour, grains, and dairy, and was noticing a difference in my body like ~

More energy

less bloating and inflammation

a feeling of inner stability

a brighter outlook

mental clarity

deeper sleep patterns

my skin is getting smoother, silkier

I was also noticing that I no longer had cravings for candy or chips, or anything unnatural like foods with preservatives.

And the best thing, was that my body knew when it had had enough and when to stop.

Rather than eating a whole bag of chips, a few flax crackers would satisfy me.

Ice cream tasted good at first, but then I noticed I felt heavy afterward and it made a pain in my back flair up.

Whereas, yogurt was half the calories ad made me feel calm and nurtured.

I was gently being guided through food to choose the higher vibration foods and my body was responding and I was able to hear what my body was saying to me.

So, I started listening.

The Life Force in the food had started bringing me home.

It may have cost a little more to buy organic fresh foods, but the dividends were paying off by the way that I felt.

I realized that this is what our Creator had intended for us, and how far we had gotten away from our true nourishment, and been seduced by advertising, beautiful packaging, and false labels of promises that weren’t being met, like non-fat, sugar free, natural, and cage free.

Why had I felt depressed after eating a steak, or sensed an ammonia after taste in the store bought eggs or noticed bruises on the chicken legs?  Was I picking up on their distress?

I was beginning to think so…..

The big looming question in your mind at this point is probably….

How do I eat this stuff?


Gogi berries


Where do I start?

I sincerely hope you will join me on this journey as I create new Superfood recipes to share with you.

Here are some facts about superfoods.

What is so special about a superfood?

Superfoods have over a dozen or more special properties in them like, more vitamins, minerals, enzymes, detoxifiers, and life force.

Think:  Foods as medicine ` they increase your body’s immune system from the inside out.  It’s like building your cells from the inside, to fight and protect you from illness and disease. *

“Get more nutrition with less eating”, superfoods are both a food and a medicine ~ David Wolfe

Here are a few examples:

deep red goji berries ~ ( moist berries) increase eye health and are considered the “Fountain of Youth“.

cacao ~ chocolate,” the food of the gods “, highest anti-oxidant, magnesium

Maca root ~ fertility, strength, stamina

Honey ~ Bee pollen

Coconuts ~ the tree that supplies all that is needed to live.

Just to name a few…..

Superfoods have the ability to tremendously increase the vital force and energy of one’s body, and are the optimal choice for improving overall health, boosting the immune system, elevating serotonin production, enhancing sexuality, and cleansing and alkalizing the body.  ~ David Wolfe

Well, who wouldn’t want that????

Consuming superfoods makes it dramatically easier to achieve your ideal weight, diet, and food habits.” ~David Wolfe

This just keeps getting better all the time!!!!

Superfoods will ease you into detoxification and the transition to more healthy foods ~ all without willpower! ~ David Wolfe

And I’m a living example!

You can check out some of my recipes here:

Green Smoothie

Flax seed crackers  just scroll down to the bottom for the recipe, and be prepared to be wowed!

Chia pudding

Chopped salad

Pan roasted vegetables

Making soup from scratch

Butternut squash soup ( try using other vegetables)

The best salad dressing ever!

Waldorf Salad Wraps

These will get you started!

I call this The Ascension Diet.  You can read about the 7 essential steps on the Ascension Ladder.

Next time I will share my recipe for Ginger Gogi Berry Cookies.  Please sign up so you don’t miss a post.


Have a Happy, Healthful day!                                                                                                                                                                                * I do not intend to offer any medical advise.  I am only making suggestions from my own personal experience.*  Please consult your doctor when starting a new regimen.







Full Body Cleanse and Detox


Where do I start?

To begin a proper detox you must first get in touch with your body.

If you’ve been using your body like a dumping ground, putting a lot of the wrong foods into it, like I was, then it may take some time.

I will not tell you to stop doing things, but will guide you to start doing things that honor and respect your body temple.

If you follow the guidelines, you will find that your desire for certain food and drink will disappear of their own accord.

This is not a strict diet, or a regimented plan of action, but if you use your intuition, move at your own pace, and put forth the effort you will see many profound changes start to happen.

You will regain hope that it is possible to live in a healthy body at any age.

I will take you through seven days to get you started.

Please join me on this journey.

Even though I have only laid out seven days for you, I think you’ll find that this is much easier than it may look at the moment, and will bring much joy to your heart if you choose to continue for a lifetime.


photo from Kiki K planner

Doing a full-body detox and cleanse takes a bit of planning.

What I offer here for you is the step-by-step plan that was laid out for me when I first arrived in Hawaii, by my guides, or “the higher ups” as I like to call them.  You can read about that here.

I will be doing this with you and recommend doing one of these every six months for the rest of your life for full-body maintenance.

With all of the advertising influences and other daily distractions, it can be easy to “fall back” to doing things the old way.

As you progress, all of your senses will be heightened and you will experience more joy bubbling up from within .

You will feel lighter and your inner light will shine brighter and you will begin to experience the world from a whole new perspective.


13 steps to a new body.

  1. Do a mental “scan” of your body.  Get into a quiet place, lying or sitting.  Close your eyes and “scan” your body, getting in touch with any aches or pains.   If you are experiencing any maladies in certain areas, send white healing light to that area and ask your body what it needs.

Depression and fatigue are your body’s way of letting you know it’s running on overload – so are aches and pains.


Write down any thoughts or ideas that come to the surface of your mind.  This is how your body communicates with you.   “Flax seed crackers” came up for me, so I’m working on a recipe that I will be sharing with you.

2.  Prepare your shopping list.

Fresh organic fruits and vegetables of your choice

Lean meats, I only use chicken and occasionally wild caught salmon.

Psyllium fiber – you can “dry” blend it for a finer powder.  It’s gentler on the body. I mix it in my smoothies.

Green powder – for smoothies.

Plain Greek yogurt – full fat ( non-fat dairy usually has added chemicals and sugar)  full fats are more satisfying and will reduce hunger cravings.

For sweet tooth craving – Plain unsweetened apple sauce, Honey or Maple flavored yogurt.


3.  Set up a journal to track yourself.  Now’s a good time to set your intention.  Write out your affirmations.  ( I used some extra pages in my planner to set it up.  If you have a planner, this is what I recommend. )

4.  Weigh in and take your measurements.

5. Before you begin, get in touch with your body.

Get a full body massage.

Go swimming – my fave!  Take a slow walk in Nature.  Walk barefoot on some grass or dirt, and soak in some sunlight.   Do some stretches out doors if possible.

Tune into your beautiful body and thank it for knowing how to take care of you.

page from kikki k planner

6.  Now’s a good time to assess your beauty routine.

Look for body products and shampoos that don’t have a lot of cancer causing chemicals in them.  What you put “on” your body goes into your blood stream.

I recommend

Dr. Bronner’s castile soap

Shikai hair products

Virgin coconut oil for moisturizer

Boom Cosmetics for the face and body

Get a natural bristle brush for a dry brush massage.

Stop the use of synthetic perfumes.

Now’s a good time to try some essential oils –

You can make our own blends by adding a few drops to rubbing alcohol or vodka.

I also love the orange blossom and rose petal waters from the Mediterranean market.  They are distillations of the blossoms and make a nice base to your essential oils.  ( never use an essential oil directly on the body as it could cause a reaction. )

7.  Consider doing your laundry with Borax and Arm and Hammer washing soda – you can add some castile soap to this for sudsing action ( grate it first)

8.  Eliminate all polyester clothing and bedding from your life.

Polyester has been found through energy testing to lower the auric field.

Switch to natural cottons, linens, and wool and let your aura shine at it’s brightest.

9.  Eliminate all hand sanitizers, harsh cleaning chemicals, and artificial room deodorizers from your home.

10.  Reduce your use of prescription drugs by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Your body is a natural healer – but too much toxicity in the body prevents it from doing it’s work.

11.  On the second or third day after starting a detox – go in for a colon hydro therapy session or give yourself a few enemas to help your elimination processes evacuate the toxins that your body will be releasing.

If you have had a lifestyle of fast foods, a lot of meat, or processed foods, it would be a good idea to set up a series of regular visits to a colon hydro-therapist.

There could be a build up of plaque along your intestinal walls that’s preventing proper absorption of nutrients and keeping toxins from poor eating habits and prescription drugs in your system.

You will also experience more youthful vitality by keeping your colon clean.

Even coffee can create a tar-like substance in the colon.

12.  Probiotics – naturally fermented kombucha sauerkraut, kefir, yogurt should be taken daily.

It’s so easy to make your own – visit Cultured Food Life to learn more about this.

13.  Find ways to get more exercise and move that body.

Play some music and dance like nobody’s watching

Put on your favorite tunes and walk

I like Leslie Sansone’s walking videos when it’s too hot or cold to go outside.

I always park at the farthest spot when shopping and running errands

Whether you do better in group exercise or on your own, I find yoga to be one of the best and most gentle of ways to really get in touch with my body.

There are classes you can sign up for online for pennies a day.  Daily Om, and anytime yoga for example.

And you just may find it easier to incorporate a meditation practice into your lifestyle which  is essential to living your best life.

Always, always have music that uplifts you, and  helps your spirit soar.

No more criticizing your body wishing you had this or that.

It’s time to love your body, be thankful for the miracle that it is, hold your head high, keep your posture straight, shoulders back ( you can align your posture by standing against a wall), stepping out with grace and ease.  Step into your light body.


Make a vision board.  Visualize yourself in your perfect body.  Notice how it feels!  Carry that feeling with you the entire day!.


Make your vision board on one of your planner pages.

Make your vision board on one of your planner pages.  Keep it simple.

You are a gift to the Universe, and by showing up as your best self every day, you will see what a gift you are to yourself.

Go at your own pace, Be gentle on yourself.

Drink 6 – 8 glasses of pure water each day.

Namaste ( the goddess in me bows to the goddess in you)

Sources of inspiration – check them out!

Daily Om

Donna Schwenk – Cultured food life\Yoga anytime

Rosemary Gladstar – homemade creams

Donna Eden – Energy Body exercises

Leslie Sansone – Walk away the pounds

The above information does not attempt to offer any medical advise.  All of the opinions expressed are my own from my own personal experiences.  I am not working with any affiliate programs for any one mentioned.

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Dear Diary…Day 7…of the 27 things for 27 days countdown….


It’s time to lift the veil!  Feng shui is more than most people may imagine.  It’s a matter of life and death.

I woke up earlier than usual this morning.  I feel like it’s time to take this clutter clearing business to the next level.  I feel like some people may not want to hear this, or even deal with this level.

We are such creatures of habit and have been schooled by the T.V. for the past 65 years or so.

I remember our first T.V. It had a rounded greenish screen enclosed in a wooden case on legs.  It was black and white.

Every Sunday, Dad would pick up a dozen donuts and we would head over to our cousins house, the kids riding in the back of the pick-up, to watch the Walt Disney Hour.

Until 7:30pm, when the show started, all of us cousins, 3 boys, 2 girls, and some of the neighbor kids, would play “Ditch”, where we formed teams and played “Hide and Seek” all up and down the street.

When the television marketers began to see what a valuable tool mass media could be in relationship to selling to a larger audience, and how the use of ads and commercials could influence Society’s buying decisions, a new monster was born.

All of that being said, even though I could go on and on, I really want to focus on the beliefs that have been hypnotically induced by advertisements and the media.

The beliefs in products that are advertised to make our lives better, that are in the long run, making our society sicker by bringing chemicals into our homes that cause all sorts of illness, foods that create tension, apathy, brain fog, and rob our bodies of energy while silently killing us, and causing diseases that are passed on to our future generations.

As people become more aware and stop using products and foods that are laden with chemicals that are robbing us of our ability to use our intuition by desensitizing our minds, our bodies , to our very own senses, our planet will begin to heal.  Our quality of life will return.

It’s time to return to our Grandmother’s and Grandfather’s ways.  The ways of living simply.

We’ve become frazzled consumers by trying to live up to some ideal, super human, type A lifestyle, where every thing is germ-free, over-saturated with chemicals, and full of uppers and downers just to cope with every day life.

I say, that’s what the “veil” is all about.  It’s keeping us distracted from who we truly are.

I’ve seen a lot of people in the last few years whose life has been turned upside down.

Whether it’s the loss of a job, the loss of a loved one, a sudden change in a way of life through catastrophe, or health issues, the Universe is issuing a wake-up call.

And now is the time that we take the universe seriously.

It’s time we listen to the call that comes from the bees that are dying, to the whales and the dolphins who continue their mass beachings due to sonic testing and plastic pollution in our oceans.

This is a cottage necessity for our future generations.



My Dear Cottage Mavens,

Here are some things that you can do today, this week, to bring more peace and stability into your homes and to help heal our planet.

  1. Go through your pantry and remove all processed foods or anything with chemicals that you cannot pronounce.
  2. Avoid shopping down the processed food isles in the grocery stores.
  3. Discard all toxic cleaning products, hazardous products,” perfumed ” products like heavily perfumed laundry soaps, fabric softeners, anti-bacterial soaps, hand sanitizers, etc.
  4. Think about the products you use every day and the long term investment in you and your family’s health.
  5. Do your deodorants contain aluminum?  Does your toothepaste contain Flouride?  Is your diet full of sugar?  ( these will dull your I.Q. and lead to Alzheimers and cancers).
  6. Aspartame which caused early death and tumors in rats is now in most candies, diet drinks, and anything artificially sweetened.
  7. High fructose corn syrup is genetically modified.  So is anything made with wheat, canola, and soy.  If it’s designed to kill bugs, it has to be killing our gut bacteria.
  8. Take a before and after picture of your self, and our housemates.  The inflammation and the bloating will decrease, as many allergies, headaches, aches and pains, depression, lethargy, just not feeling good will lift away.
  9. The agitation, the nervousness, the aches and pains in your body will start to leave as you return your body to it’s natural state of being .
  10. Your intuition will become more clear, your sense of smell will return, your eye sight may improve, and you’ll experience a state of well-being, which will carry you through every day occurences with more ease and resilience.
  11. Check your prescriptions for side effects, and look for natural alternatives.  Are you willing to sacrifice other areas of your well-being by taking these things into your body?

These are things that we cannot see or notice because they happen over a long period of time.

They are the silent killers that are the plagues in today’s society.  And they are being marketed to our children every day through the media.

Our homes are our sanctuaries.  We have control over what can come in and serve our greater well-being.

This is only a place to start as we educate ourselves, our families, and our friends.

So, start today.  This may be the biggest clutter clearing yet!

It’s time to lift the veil and live your Greatest Self!

Affirmation:  The divine Design of my life now comes to pass.  I now fill the place that I can fill and no one else can fill.  I now do the things which I can do and no one else can do.  Florence Scovill Shinn

Disclosure:  This article is not intended to offer medical advice or diagnose any illness.  Please consult your doctor.



Ms. Peabody’s Old Fashioned Washing Powder

Combine –

1 cup Borax

1cup Arm and Hammer washing soda

1/2 cup grated castile soap

Use 2 small scoops or 2-3 Tblspoons per load of laundry.


I got the above grater at Ikea, and the soap at the Meditteranean market.


Walking My Talk Part III

I had wanted to do this for a long time.  But I just didn’t have the nerve ….


So on March 3rd, when my daughter  came home all excited because a male colleague of hers  had come in to see her, and told her how he had been having a series of hydro-therapy colonics, and how his stomach went from a bloated beer-belly to completely flat, we knew that we needed to go.

March 3rd,2016 was the day that she and I had committed to doing the “Purium Cleanse”for 10 days to start our weight loss journey.  She wanted to lose 10 lbs. and I…well, I …wanted to lose about 60!

So, she made an appointment and we went together (which I found out later that it’s pretty common for friends, relatives, even whole families to go together).

She went first, and I stayed in the room,which was decorated “early Hippie Bohemian”, with a Navaho rug  in earth-tones hanging on the wall, watercolor paintings of a beach scene, and one of a lush garden scene, as well as medical posters of colons, showing what a healthy colon should look like.  It was clinical but casual, and the therapist put us at ease right away with a friendly, comical banter. He invited me to sit in a massage chair that had no more skin covering the back beaters, but a blanket thrown over the back. The three of us carried on with a lively conversation as he went about his work.  He informed us that he had been doing this for 30 years ( which later, it was 35, and then 39).  I am not sure if it was modesty or not wanting to disclose his age, as he looked much younger than his 68 years .

My turn…the colon therapist took one look at me and said that I needed 20 colonics!

At that point, I am sure that most people would have turned on their heels and bolted for the door!

He also told me that he wanted me to really think if this was something I wanted because he thought that I was going to have some kind of “blowout!” LMAO!

I assured him that I wanted to do this, that we had just started a cleanse to lose weight, and that we wanted to relieve our bodies of toxic build-up.

Before starting the Purium cleanse, I had already stopped dairy, gluten, sugar, and caffeine , so I didn’t have too much trouble with detox symptoms,  just some tiredness.

My daughter experienced a couple of down days and we both rested and napped a lot during the 10 days- each of us lost 5lbs.

She went with me for the second colonic and the hydro therapist told her that she was done.

My situation, however, was a different story.

I was determined to see this through and decided that if I needed 20 colonics, then so-be-it!  I was game, and I trusted what he was telling me.

I remembered a woman who used to come into  the store where I worked to shop, while her husband was at a nearby clinic having his monthly colonic.  He had had heart trouble, and swore that the colonics had saved his life.

Next Tuesday will be my 10th colonic and here is what I’ve experienced so far…

It has helped my weight loss efforts—I’m down 20 lbs.

It has re sculpted my waist-line…I’m getting my figure back.

I have more energy, feel more like excercising, and it has increased my libido.

My eyes sparkle .

My jaw-line is tightening, and my skin looks more toned and vibrant.

After the second one, I released deep seated grief ( this is common to block grief from trauma in the colon).

Water is Spirit and brings Light into the colon.

I felt my aura (energy field) expanding.

I feel lighter, like when I was a child.

Im eating less and don’t have cravings.

My skin recently started itching and breaking out, which tells me more toxins are coming to the surface.

I take salt baths to help my skin detox along with dry brushing the skin.

I have found these books helpful in my understanding of colon Hydro-Therapy:

Outwitting The Devil by Napolean Hill (a must read!).

Colon Health and Become Younger by Norman Walker

Edgar Cayce’s Guide to Colon Care by Sandra Duggan RN

Did I mention that I look and feel younger?

My skinny jeans are now my baggy jeans!

When the Universe plopped me down in Hawaii, I had no idea what to expect!

If you’ve read my previous posts, I packed my workout clothes, which consisted of one pair of yoga pants,two new shirts, (one that says “never give up” and one that says”run now wine later”) and a pair of tennis shoes for walking.

So, that must have been my half -hearted “intention” .

Never give up! Has become my mantra.

With the barrage of massages,(read previous post) I was needing a way to eliminate the toxins that were finding their way to the colon.

80 to 90 percent of disease starts in the colon.

After age 50, the weight seems to just pile on. I used to say that I could just look at food and I would gain weight.

I asked my colon therapist if when he sees someone who is overweight, does he think they’re just full of old, unprocessed poop?  He said “Yes.!”

But he also said that some of the most put-together people have blockages.  So, it’s not just for overweight people.  It’s for everyone and is the most important thing we can do for ourselves to maintain vibrant health, a sound mind, and well-being.

So, my friends, I will add Colon Hydro-Therapy to my list of Cottage Necessities!

Disclosure:  this article is not meant to give medical advice.  Please consult with your physician before going on a weight loss journey..

Please leave a comment.  Mahalo




Walking My Talk Part Two

or……When God pours you out a blessing, be ready to receive it!

Sometimes, when you put your requests out to the Universe, and you have a catalyst, like Braco (see Part One), helping you broadcast your intentions, you never know what to expect.

I did not have any specific ideas about how I wanted to take the excess weight off, but the very next day, it’s as if I was picked up off my duff, and was put on the very road that I needed to be on.  And I was facing in the right way! Here is my before shot…..

That’s me directing my 9 year old grandson on the shot.

In the last Walking My Talk post, I had just found out that my daughter’s flight was delayed and that I would have to fill in for her for the 2 hour Lomi Lomi, Hot Rock Massage!  Whoo Hooo!

Here is a bird’s eye view of how the next few weeks unfolded:

Feb. 24.25 Braco live streaming (

Feb. 25 Hot Rock Massage with Jennifer – 2 hours of aromatherapy, hot rock, and deep tissue massage to release the toxins and reset my intentions

3/3 Colonic  – This was the first time I had ever had this done.  My daughter and I went together.  It is basically, Hydro-therapy to clean the colon and help it expell old toxic waste. Later, I will tell you more about the beneficial side-effects that come after.

3/4 Aura Healing and Cleansing with Jackie – one hour long, Jackie works on the ethereal realms to restore your aura, and call back parts of your soul that may have left due to trauma, etc.  For me, she called back of part of me to come home to my Heart center.  She said that many people have shattered auras that are in need of healing.

3/4 Haircuts at the DADA Salon in Honolulu.  My daugher gets these perks through her business.  This included a head, neck, and shoulder massage.

3/5 Mani-Pedis at the Creative Nails Salon.  This included a leg and foot massage, as well as hand and arm massage.


Then it was off to the Women’s Korean Day Spa for a two hour full body massage and salt scrub.  First you get into a hot tub for a good soak to soften the dead skin, then you go into a common room, and lay on a vinyl covered table, where you receive a full body scrub to remove all of the dead skin from head to toe, a fresh cucumber facial, and a hot oil massage.  They even wash your hair.  In between, you get dowsed with buckets of warm water to rinse off.  My modus of operandi is to just let my body go limp like a rag doll, and let the masseuse do her magic.  I never saw so much dead skin roll off my body, and my skin was silky smooth for days.

3/6 Unity Church in Honolulu for an uplifting message which included Hawaiian music and Hula dancing.

3/12 Facial with Mara.  A beautiful, relaxing experience to clean the pores and soften the skin.

3/12 Foot Reflexology with Auntie Angel.  This was supposed to last 2 hours, but Auntie and I had so much in common, and got to talking, that it went for over 3 hours!  After that, I took her to dinner at Zippy’s for some chili and hot coffee.  I stayed with the cleanse and had a salad.  After our meal, we went to the house to pick up my daughter, and then off to Kapiolani Park, in the evening, for more healing using the ancient Hawaiian Ha technique.

So, my friends, the Universe had set me on my course of healing and losing the weight by starting me off with a series of detoxification of the body, getting in touch with the body, and letting go!

I had no idea that this was probably a step that a lot of people miss when they decide to lose weight.  With years of stress, poor choices in food, and lack of exercise, the body can store and block all kinds of toxins, traumas, and grief that if stored for too long under the wrong circumstances can lead to poor health, illness, and early death.

Before embarking on a program, ask your self these questions:

Have I been eating processed, or genetically modified foods?

Have I suffered from trauma, like illness, divorce, death of a loved one, personal issues?

Am I living my best self every day, and living from a place of love, for myself and others?

If not, make a list of what you can do this week, to help your body do some detoxification.  You are worth it!

It’s like decluttering the room, before you can bring in the new furniture, and put up the new window treatments.

It’s Feng Shui for the Body, Mind, and Soul. To Be Continued…

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Walking my Talk

This one is difficult for me.  But I am hoping it will help others.

When I was 40, the doctors removed a melanoma from my arm.  They basically told me I had 5 years to live.

Since then, I have read every Naturopathic book on how to heal yourself naturally.

The Gerson therapy, and Ann Wigmore, as well as Cherie Calbom are my go-to-resources for a healthy diet and lifestyle.

They recommend:                                                                                 organic fruits and vegetables

limiting EMF’s ( Electric Magnetic Frequencies) like cell phones, TV, computers from around your body.

Meditation and prayer for a stress free life

Eliminating toxic cleaning products like

Artificial fragrance

Hand sanitizers

Body Products with chemicals

Deodorants with Aluminum

Toothepaste with Flouride

Preservatives and Processed Foods

Alcohol and Caffeine

No meat _ especially factory farm products which would include dairy and eggs

They recomending adding:

Colon Therapy


Drinking pure water

Well, I’ve done fairly well with most of it, but I can’t say I’ve been perfect.  I am still alive!

At age 52, I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes and the doctor put me on metformin, until one day, I woke up on the floor, barely breathing.

I decided that I did not want prescription drugs in my life.  So I cranked up the discipline and started walking more, eliminated sugar.

I especially went to task clearing my pantry of preservatives, and never resorted to artificial sweeteners of any kind, or the low-fat Hype in advertising.

I was able to cure myself.  I’ve been drug free ever since.

Fast forward 10 years….

I think my metabolism stopped working somewhere along the way.

Or maybe just the stresses of life interfered.

The loss of loved-ones, trouble with the kids, financial woes, job loss, you name it, none of these helped me lose weight.

Somewhere along the road, I seemed to bury myself.

Nothing I tried seemed to help me lose weight and I don’t believe in diets, because you end up talking and thinking about food even more when on a diet.  At least, that’s what I observed watching my Mom and her sisters go on diet after diet for so many years and all they talked about was food!

I went to see a healer named “Braco”.  He gazes at the room full of people and transmits a powerful emanation of Source.  He doesn’t speak.  He only looks.

While I was there, I heard a voice in my head say ” You must excercise Sister”.

Okay, that was very logical and I was aware that I had not been exercising.  This was great advice.  We laughed about it later because it was so obvious!  That was about 7 years ago.

So, when I came to Hawaii, I decided to eliminate dairy from my diet after reading Marilu Henner’s “Total Health Makeover”.

She states that “cows become so contaminated that their milk can be near lethal brew”.

I immediately lost 5 lbs. and looked and felt less bloated.

Next, I decided to stop drinking coffee ~ Hey, I’m a Swede, and I love my coffee!!!  I was down to one cup per day, and could not get used to the Nepresso coffee or the french press.  It just didn’t tast good to me anymore.  So, I was able to stop without the usual headaches when detoxing from coffee.


I had arrived in Hawaii on February 15 and on February 24,25,and 26, I gazed with Braco, live streaming on the computer (for free) and you won’t believe what happened next.

While gazing with Braco, I was asking for help to figure out this weight issue that I’ve been dealing with.  I said I knew that I need to excercise more, but there has to be something else that can normalize my weight.  Please help.  And I gave it up to God.

I had just purchased a new swimsuit and it was the largest one in the store! Talk about a wakeup call!

On the second day, my daughter called and told me that she was not able to come home on Thursday as planned and would I mind filling in for her 2 hour, LomiLomi, Hot Rock Massage?  Say What?????

And that’s when the excitement began……

To Be Continued…..

Braco has another live gaze streaming on March 15,16,17.  He will be streaming from Croatia.  Check him out at