Auntie Deelie’s Beach Cottage


Guest Cottage


Home Tour

When you walk through the gate to Auntie Deelie’s Cottage, you’re welcomed with the intoxicating pleasures of plumeria and trumpet vine blossoms whispering through all of your senses.


The experience causes one to slow down, linger a while, take it all in as Auntie quietly appears in the doorway.





Auntie is more a name of affection given to this bright and lovely young woman who was grown and raised on the island of Oahu by her dad.  A salty old sailor and waterman, he taught Deelie all about the water, deep sea fishing, and paddle-boarding.

She was raised a Tom-boy, but is very much a feminine spirit, who can often be found sitting in lotus posture or standing in tree pose.  She has been practicing meditation for 15 years, and says that it has changed her life in the most profound ways.


Pineapple, a sign of Welcome


Mom and I were invited over for lunch.  She put on a healthy spread, all prepared from scratch, with the most delicious Ginger Tonic of which I will share the recipe in this post.


Remember when I was searching for “Hawaiiana” in a previous post?

Well, here is where I found it.

Deelie possesses an eye for design, effortlessly blending colors, patterns, and a love for Hawaii throughout her home.


Living Room


We immediately felt relaxed and welcomed.


Subtle use of color, and unmistakable island feel without kitsch or compromise.


She was so gracious and agreed to let me snap a few photos to share on my blog.  She even let me peek in the bedrooms.

img_0610Her eye for mixing color, pattern, and style and attention to detail are evident.



A calm, relaxed feel to every room…

An airy, open floor plan…  Aloha kekahi I kekahi – Love one another…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

allowing the outdoors, in…

I hope you enjoyed this House Tour.  Below, you will find Auntie Deelie’s Yummy Ginger Tonic Recipe.  Mahalo!


Auntie Deelie’s Fresh Ginger Tonic

One large pot of filtered water

A few big chunks of fresh ginger, peeled and sliced in large pieces

Boil Ginger in pot full of water for 15 minutes

A Few scoops of Honey to taste

Let tonic cool down then

Squeeze one fresh lemon

Place in pitcher and refrigerate



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How many of us long for our own comfy cottage in the woods? I know I do! We can make our own comfy cottage, right here, right now, no matter where we live. I'm a mother of two, grandmother of two boys, interior designer who thinks out-of-the-box, up cycler, and interested in just about anything related to living comfortably and finding contentment, connecting with the Great Spirit in the natural world and respect for all beings who walk the earth.

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