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Dear Cottage Mavens,  I have moved my blog to  Please take a look over there if you are interested in signing up so that you don’t miss a post.               &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&                                                                                           Come all ye faithful and leave your burdens behind.  You are called to a greater dimension and will be welcomed by the Divine.   Lorna Erickson                                                                         When I first started writing my blog, I was going to focus on decorating, recipes, crafty projects, etc.

But once I got into it I realized that I would  only be scratching the surface, that a Cottage Necessity was so much more and went deeper into our core.

I needed to share a deeper part of myself.

Getting back to our core values, by creating a healthful lifestyle, developing and nurturing our spirituality, our innate nature as human beings, our intuition, as well as the extension of ourselves, which is how we relate to our families, our friends, and how we appoint and use our homes, is truly what our world is needing right now.

And that is what keeps coming back to me.

A remembrance of our True North, the romance of ourselves with our Creator.

Our romance with life, family, brotherhood, children, and our mother  earth.

Our planet is changing, as we enter the Aquarian age, a time for spiritual growth and renewal, for World peace, understanding and brotherhood.

It has been as though I am in basic training for the past 45 years as a kriyaban yogi under the direct guidance of my guru, Paramahansa Yogananda, who brought the Eastern ( Hindu) and Western ( Christian) religions together as one and the same, as an interior designer for the past 20 years, and blessed by angelic guidance, who I refer to as “the Higher Ups” and my own personal Angel guide, Hezekiah, who is more beautiful than any human being I have ever seen.

We are all ascending in this lifetime of greater convenience.

There is no one who will escape this blessing as we all work to raise our vibration, we will infuse our Divine spirit with overwhelming joy, wisdom, and contentment, that we are one with All That Is.

I’m still searching for answers and would love to hear your comments on what it is you want to read about, to learn more about.

Is there something that you struggle with that I might be able to guide you by giving you a new perspective?  a comforting word?

There will always be projects that I will share

I also consider myself to be rather practical in my approach to the esoteric subjects and how the wisdom and knowledge can be applied to help us better our lives, and have a deeper understanding of our relationship to everything.

It’s not something to be afraid of, or to feel superstitious of, as it all comes down to Love on a broader scale and a deeper meaning.

I offer these words with much love, and gratitude to be able to serve you in this way.

Thank you for your comments.

Ohana = Home, Dwelling, a place for family, a Cottage Necessity.